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Filter Replacement

replacing the air filter

Having cleaner and better filters is usually a good step towards overall better air quality. Replacing your filters is something that you should be looking into after a couple of years of usage. Having said this, replacing your air filters is not going to be the only step towards better air quality. What we see a lot is that people only take that step towards better air quality. If there is something else wrong with the system you could still find yourself in hot water. We want to go over the procedures that we follow before we decide to replace any type of filters.

When Was The Last Time That You Had Your Filter Changed?

If it’s been over a year or more since you had your filter changed then you really do need to think about replacing it. Plenty of companies are going to tell you that you should have your filter replaced every 6 months, some even talk about 90 days as being the life span of a filter. A couple of times a year sounds about right. That’s going to be ok for most folks. Especially if you are not spending a lot of time in the house.

If You Are Someone With Allergies Get Your Filter Changed A Lot

Your filter is not going to be the only thing that is going to determine the air quality within your home. Having said this, it can certainly help you keep the air clean. If you are someone with allergies we would advise that you look into filter replacement closer to the 90-day mark. Especially during the spring and the summer. It’s one of those things that you could maybe ride out. For the most part, it’s usually going to be better for you to make sure that your system has clean and proper filters.

Is There A Way To Get Better Quality Filters That Are Going To Last Longer?

The way that you can get your filters to last longer is not really trying to buy the most expensive filter on the market. The best way to try and get the most out of your air filters would be to not have pets and to maybe open your windows as little as possible. This, in an effort to try and limit the amount of debris that is ultimately circulating around your house. If getting the most out of your air filters is something that’s important to you, these are probably the things that you are going to want to look into.

What Happens If I Don’t Change My Filter Often?

For the most part, what is going to happen is that the quality of your air is going to suffer. That’s really the issue. There are a couple of things that could fail within your AC system with dirty filters. The thing that we would say though is a bit more concerning is the fact that the quality of your air is certainly going to diminish.

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